Civilization. Machines. Specialists. Part Four – Animals

An animal, first of all, is a live being. And only then is it a machine. This is important, because slaves and peasants have often been referred to as animals (livestock).

An animal can be wild or domestic. Which generates a confusion. A domestic animal is a wild one that has undergone specialization.

Home and wild animals are machines. When we talk about their universal nature, we always bear in mind their relative universality. A wild animal is more universal than a home one, but, being an animal, it is naturally specialized in its way of life and its areal.

A wild animal is a universal being. A home (domestic) animal is a specialist. Once again, everything is relative.

This may sound strange, but a swine is a specialist. Swine is a specialist in production of meat. But this is true. And a cow may be a meat or milk specialist.

There is a universal wild pig and swine that has undergone specialization by human. These are two different breeds. A wild pig contains special qualities of a swine. While a swine does not have the universal qualities of a wild pig. A swine would not survive without a man. Human beings can be universal or specialized as well. Breeding a swine out of a wild pig is simple, while it is impossible to do the reverse thing – breed a wild pig out of a swine. Because certain elements of the genetic code have been lost. This allows us to regard a wild pig as a universal animal that contains a swine, and the swine – as a specialized animal containing nothing but swine.