Civilization. Machines. Specialists. Part Four – Animals

A swine is a quantitative set of separate attributes of a wild pig alongside with the loss of certain other unnecessary attributes. A swine is a wild pig with reduced qualities.

Both race and breed are sets of consistent visible attributes that are transmitted by inheritance. A breed that emerges in a natural way is called a race, and an artificially generated race is called a breed.

A domesticized animal is the first biomachine created by human.

The word “Animal” is also an insult for humans. An animal is never blamed for being one, but “animal” is an expression of everything that is base in a human being. It is unscrupulous and unshamed, always at ease, feels free to shit anywhere it likes, i. e. behaves in a natural animal way. An animal has no concept of morals, nobody lectures an animal if it goes where it shouldn’t go, someone just takes a stick and turns it out back where it belongs.

There is a certain confusion: a machine cannot want anything. Machines have no desires, but a point of attraction – an attractor. While an animal sometimes may want something. But an animal is a machine, and a machine cannot have any desires. The problem here more concerns the words “want” and “desire”: they have too extensive figurative meaning. We can still sort things out if we take animals as an example. But it becomes much more difficult at the level of such abstract things as “power” and “state”, which represent machines as well. So when we speak about the lust for power, we should remember that its technical level lies between an animal and a machine.