Civilization. Machines. Specialists. Part Four – Animals

An ant colony has only specialists. The insectoid world is not usually regarded by people as a positive place. Because insectoids are limited. What is interesting, they are limited with the same specialization that ensures their advantages in survival and achievement of success. Specialization is limiting. And thus, due to their specialty specialists are limited in anything else.

Specialization is for insects. (c) Heinlein

Through specialization an analogy is drawn with insects. Many times the modern world, modern civilization has been called a human ant-hill. Not because there are so many people, but because everyone fulfills their functions and at the same time is limited in everything else.

Another analogy is the mechanism of the process: people, as well as ants, fulfill their small functions, which enables operation of the large system – the ant-hill, civilization, human ant-hill. And the same specialization, mechanicalism leave questions out of the intellectual brackets: is everything right in this process(?), is it going the right way(?), where does it have to go anyway, if at all(?).

Specialization is, of course, for insects. But what is for human beings? According to the opposites principle, it is universalization, but this is only a means for something. Because people have only one idea – to be, and then to keep up quality and quantity, the set of qualities and their quantity is to be upheld. This indeed is “to be”, and being, and the fate of people.