Civilization. Machines. Specialists. Part Four – Animals

An insect is the fullest biomachine. It is intellectually impaired. Functionality and competence do not go beyond the scope of each other. Its functionality is fully one-dimensional. Incect’s intellect is to crawl into a room through some invisible slit and then be unable to fly out through an open window. Nobody is talking about insect’s moral, as it is obviously absent.

An insect is rational and functional. It has nothing in excess. Sometimes an insect can be regarded as irrational, but only in an unusual environment, to which it is not adapted.

Insects can create unimaginable structures. But only according to a program. They can create only one-type structures, this is the essence of their limited nature.

Civilization is an inertial and mechanical process, counter-cultural and anti-human. The mechanistic is going to win and oust the human. A human being will be functional for the sake of rationality and rational for the sake of functionality. In fact, this has almost occurred, the human makes a thousandth part of a percentage point of reality. The world is inhuman, this world is mechanical. The human makes a very small share in it. And it is all about its final destruction. Most of people have no need of or are even irritated by this small share when they see it.