Civilization. Machines. Specialists. Part Four – Animals

A mechanical person – this subvariant has always constituted the majority, though it has not always determined the life (being) of all people. By the way, it determines the being and evokes certain irritation among people. From here comes the idea of a victorious uprising of the machines, and a new uprising against the machines. Which will be equal to an uprising against the masses.

We no longer have poets, artists, tragedians, revolutionaries, crazy visionaries, inspired originals, but there are more and more zombies who don’t know any better than how to be “functional”. (с) Xavier Eman

A civilized person is adapted, customized to the needs of civilization. There are no positive aspects in being civilized. Being civilized is just a fate. Which, by the way, is approaching its finish. The deeper we go into civilization – the more animals and insects. Because the level of adaptation to it is constantly rising.

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