Civilization. Machines. Specialists. Part One – History


Modern world can be viewed as a world of specialists (experts/professionals). Everything important in the world is done by specialists; while all non-specialists are engaged in ancillary works – for the benefit of the above specialists. It is possible to look at this in another way – as a world ruled by the owners of this world; this is a more traditional point of view. But in order to understand the world within the aspects of its progress, the world owners may be left out of the brackets. As will be shown further, the most overwhelming, deepest flows of the global trends are not directed by the owners. The owners just ride them, and go along with them. The specialists, their mass, are closer to the trend-making basis of civilization, and the world owners turn out to be closer to the superstructure, and bring about only certain current events.

It is possible to discuss, how far this world – the world of success and specialists – is good or bad. But there is an opinion that together with emergence of great possibilities for development of human potentials, the world for some reason is not becoming better. And there are many voices saying that it is becoming worse. That, for example, biological quality of people is degrading. That people find it increasingly difficult to understand others, which brings about another round of problems. Very often the blame goes to world owners. But world owners have existed all the time, or almost all the time. And they existed as well in the times when the world was becoming a better place. Specialists have existed all the time too, but their role in the global development used to be less crucial.

Of course, looking at the world as a world of specialists means to approach only one of its facets. But it’s always necessary to begin with something; moreover, there have been more than enough attempts to approach the issue from the point of view of those in power – from dynasties to secret societies. And by exploring one facet it is possible to come to understanding of all the global tendencies, and patterns of development and degradation. By using this only facet it is possible to see a sufficient and complete picture, as well as to see all the other facets from the inside. What is more, a different, additional perspective as a rule means progress.

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