Civilization. Machines. Specialists. Part One – History

In the beginning, during the moment of culture, everything is gradually emerging. During the moment of civilization, everything exists, and in the end, everything starts to gradually disappear. It is impossible to prevent this disappearance of things – for things disappear because people change and, as a result, lose their concepts. A thing may be lying somewhere on a shelf, but its concept has already gone, and even if it’s found by some archeologist, no one would understand them. And the archeologist is not likely to understand anything either.

There also exists a system of periodization of civilizational conditions, besides “culture-civilization”. Modern is followed by postmodern, and civilization – by post-civilization, which means “dark ages”, and the nation is followed by post-nation, which means mass, and a human – by post-human. There is always this “post” prefix. (There is an opinion that post-human is finally a corpse.) This happens when everything essentially comes to an end, but some forms and residual effects are still visible.

It has many times been described how civilization grinds the nation like a mincing machine delivering a mass. The point of this research is to describe how this process goes on in details. How the mechanisms of this mincing machine emerge and act.

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