Civilization. Machines. Specialists. Part One – History


Life means motion, and motion happens in heart. This text is about environment, how it changes in time spans. And about changes in human environment, which is, first of all, human society, and only then – a landscape. And then, proponents of life can use the derived patterns to move on.

Civilization is heading in some wrong direction. Definitely, not in the direction of life. It is going where all other civilizations have gone. Gone according to the same laws, same rules. The issue of civilization cycles has been researched rather widely and with good evidence.

How civilization destroys itself and how “civilization commits suicide?” (c) Toynbee.

It is difficult to imagine that this is a conscious process, like somebody’s cruel intention… whose intention?.. of civilization? So this process is to be based not on a will, because a civilization cannot have one, but on an attractor – a point of natural attraction. Apples do not want to fall on the ground, but the ground is their attractor, and they will fall on it sooner or later. Therefore, the process seems to be mechanical, machine-like. And behind a mechanical process there has to be a machine. This machine is a civilization. Human will somehow loses control of the process, and, as a result, civilization is turned into a life-destroying machine – the above mentioned mincing machine producing masses.

A human being is also a variable value. Human is a different being before and after the mincing machine. No less than a nation is different from mass.

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