Civilization. Machines. Specialists. Part One – History

For some reason, a human being cannot oppose to this process. It is logical to suggest that in a machine-civilization, mechanization of human life takes place, and the machine-civilization creates a machine-human for itself, oriented, customized to share civilization’s fate; step by step, so that human being would not realize it at once. However, there is a simultaneous reverse process: step by step, human beings are building a mincing machine for themselves. These human beings are not able to see, because they were deprived of this ability.

The main antinomies (dichotomies): life – death, live – mechanical, free – mechanical, human – machine.

The main methodological antinomy: freedoms – structures. Freedoms of higher order are built upon structures; and structures uphold freedoms. But when there are too many structures, there is no place left for freedoms. The space of freedom is always less than conventional 50%: half of it goes for the mutually exclusive “freedom for” – “freedom from”, and there also has to be some room for structures that would uphold freedoms of higher order. For example, the freedom to walk (higher) is upheld by legs (structure). And if one becomes “free from” legs, then he/she would not be able to walk.


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