Civilization. Machines. Specialists. Part One – History

The first list of questions is provided in philosophical terms:

  • What is the mechanicalism of human life?
  • To what extent human being is a machine?
  • How is human being different from machine?
  • What is transformation of human into a machine, what does it look like and how to avoid it?
  • What is the role of conflict between the mechanical and human in life?

In a practical sense, posing the questions in a common way looks better:

  • Why is everyone around an idiot?
  • Have idiots been here all the time or have they come from somewhere?
  • How do these idiots find a way to success?
  • How have these idiots found a way to power, and how are they able to keep it?
  • Where have the idiots gotten their money from, especially the money they give up to fraudsters?
  • How hasn’t this world of exulted idiocy crashed yet, and when will this happen anyway?
  • Why don’t people understand evident things?
  • How can mass idiocy go along with and incredible technical progress, are they two sides of the same coin, the same phenomenon?
  • How could this bunch of idiots create such a complex civilization?

The modern world continuously raises these questions, and continues to answer them, but, somehow, it’s far from understanding them.

And, of course, the main issue of this text: what in this world, in the civilization is hidden and important, what is wrongly understood, and what brings humanitarian and social projects to failure.


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