Civilization. Machines. Specialists. Part One – History

The main thing in the search of the processes physics is the mechanics of the machine consisting of human-machines. To understand this mechanics would mean to understand the work of civilization itself in the biological and cultural perspectives, and in all other perspectives as well. To understand means to find out the entire sequence of cause-and-effect relations, from the initial point to the final one: how a live culture becomes mechanical and dead. Though this dead thing may seem to be alive – as a machine does.

The efficiency is determined by a correlation between the obtained result in the numerator to the expenses in the denominator. The result for humans means survival and domination, quantity and level of benefits. The expenses usually mean energy, but this is also people, and materials, and human qualities (if we want to delve into the finer points, everything can be considered as energy, and then the efficiency would mean performance factor). For example, Pyrrhus achieved his Pyrrhic victory over the Romans. But this victory turned out inefficient. Because the cost was too big – what was left would have been insufficient for the future.

Mechanization of life is underway, it’s a fact. On the one hand, it’s a good thing, because the efficiency of production processes goes up, there are more goods, they are cheaper and of higher quality. On the other hand, this mechanization of life becomes too broad and starts invading the purely human domains of life it shouldn’t penetrate at all. To the extent of mechanization of people in all senses and aspects.

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