Evident And Indistinct. Civilization. Machines. Specialists. Part Seven

It is true that people are limited and very narrow in their sensibility. So narrow that in general they are almost irrational; it is possible to say that people have a specialized sensibility. Like cats and dogs, but in a wider sense. For example, organizing a life without exploitation of others is beyond the limits of their sensibility; it is a great occasion when the world sees no exploitation even for a fleeting moment of time. Broadly speaking, even the questions of survival do not fall within the sensibility zone.

The absolute majority of people live with a careless mother cat’s attitude to its kittens. If I see a problem, I get concerned and protect myself, if I don’t see it – no concerns, no protection. Like cats, people do not react to things beyond their field of vision. A cat has a very narrow one. And people’s field of vision rarely exceeds several generations. “Apres nous le deluge”. What will happen to the descendants? The same thing as to the kittens; maybe they will find their way out somehow. Just like cats, people in their mass never think what kind of world they leave after themselves.

Speaking about sensibility of a man – as an average statistical value – in the eminent senses of this word, dignified, universal senses – is too much; average statistical people are not reasonable. As a result, usually life – private and social – is built in an extremely irrational way.

It is necessary to admit, people have arranged their life in a very foolish way: they spend ninety percent of it in quarrels and pettiness, and they don’t know how to use the remaining ten percent. (c) Gertsen

A man is not something average; in an average form he/she would still be running around the African savannah. A man is a point of application of effort of the species. To draw an analogy, man is not a working ant, but the queen of ants. A man is the highest point of the human species, covering all the other points of the human species. Thus we have a pyramid. A man is in its foundation and at the top; he/she is the first and the last one.

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