Evident And Indistinct. Civilization. Machines. Specialists. Part Seven

In this case, we are talking about people in their full range, including the best sense and the best perspective; but in any case, we refer to people in general, because dividing them according to the potential towards the eminent is a task that has always resulted in a failure, and moreover – because people have always been dividing themselves. Freedom in this division helps them do it the way they want. And to the extent they can, because the best, the brightest side of a human and the dark one have never been divided yet, even within one person. And universally sensible people do exist. Which does not rule out the majority of people.

The way of a man is a conventional way up. Up to increase the complexity of the system of structures and freedoms. The complex structures of the higher level allow to choose complex freedoms. Rebuilding the human environment, including the social one, is the same old way to new freedoms. New freedoms mean new possibilities to choose from. And to build new freedoms it is necessary to build new structures that would uphold them, these structures are to be complex and of higher level as well. And this path can also be called the general progress of humanity – it is both social and technical.

And once again, human is the purpose, and machine is the means. The means to liberate human. Of course, if such an idealistically pictured human is in place, if there is anyone to become free. Though their presence is not that important – as the path has been determined, a human being of that kind may emerge later.

What is good here? To have a choice. To express one’s will. To fulfill one’s potentials. To relax and do nothing. To do something interesting. To feel that those around you understand you. To successfully cooperate with people around.

If we make the economy grow, by 2030, people, at least in Europe or the USA, will have nothing to worry about. …We will all get so well that no one would have to work anymore. We will be able to devote ourselves to art, poetry, spiritual worlds, philosophy, we will enjoy life and admire the “lilies of the field” that “do not labor nor do they spin”. (с) Keynes, 1930-s

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