Evident And Indistinct. Civilization. Machines. Specialists. Part Seven

What we need to use the possibilities for is to free haman from the routine, from mechanical work, from the machine-like in general. What is bad? To do mechanical work. Doing humiliating work – is a somewhat different story.

There are only two ways: the way of humane attitude and the way of mechanization of human. All the processes in the world have only two ways or directions of movement.

The machine and the humane are not absolute values, but rather areas of values. (However, we can take absolute values as examples.) These are directions, ranges to define the less mechanistic – less humane and vice versa, and tendencies – to more humane or more mechanistic. Moreover, an ideal human is also but a direction.

There are no clear-cut criteria, all the existing criteria are blurred and indistinct. But even this environment does not limit movement – either towards the mechanistic or towards the humane; it just makes movement more difficult. The direction towards the humane is a vector, a striving.

Two main ways of interaction:
– Human being as machine.
– Human being against machine.
And then goes the synthesis: human against human-machine.

The development goes from the simple to complex, from animal-machine to human.

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