Evident And Indistinct. Civilization. Machines. Specialists. Part Seven

Human being emerged above the living machine – as a new superstructure: on top of it. Human being has risen from an animal machine. A free will is a horseman riding the bio-machine. An animal machine is the basis, the basic creature, atop of which the emerged human is sitting like a horse rider. If it were not for this animal in the basis, human would not exist or ride anywhere. Therefore, we should be very careful if we want to deny, reject this basic animal – if we want to continue being.

There always has to be an internal animal inside a human being. Because it is the unalienable humane. It is the basis of the humane. And a man of culture needs to heed to this biological animal to an extent and suppress it when necessary; in general, keep it under control, and unleash when needed. But the animal has to be controlled even when unleashed.

When, at which point does the humane begin? When one starts to realize that there is a choice. Before that point, the choice is automatic, thoughtless.

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