Evident And Indistinct. Civilization. Machines. Specialists. Part Seven

Here we can go back to the animal problem: on the one hand, it is a machine, and on the other – it suffers and has a will. An animal is a machine because it makes no choice; it just does something. And humans are put in the position of animals as much as they do not make their own choices due to internal barriers. And how much are humans put into the position of machines? As much as they are forbidden to make choices by an external power. Therefore, the mechanic and animal parts in a human being are only slightly divided.

Suffering can be imposed not only by external factors, but also by internal programs. And through this suffering, living beings are inspired to move, including the movement to eat and breed. Except for being able to suffer, animals are machines. Many people are the same – except for being able to suffer, human beings are machines. But not every human being.

A choice is made on the basis of a free will, in particular, by way of applying this will by a thinking, self-conscious, reflective person. “I am making this choice, because I think that this is correct, good, kind etc.” Human being can have a program of choice, but it is not binding.

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