Evident And Indistinct. Civilization. Machines. Specialists. Part Seven

Machine is not only an object. Machine is relations between objects as well. It is possible to treat something as a machine or as a living being. But it is only for a human being to make this choice.

Everything there is in a human being can be divided into mechanistic and non-mechanistic. The mechanistic part is simple and is called a machine or bio-machine. As for the non-mechanistic part… we can only call it a soul. However, some schools deny existence of either this non-mechanistic part in particular, or of the non-mechanistic part and a freedom of will altogether. The word “animate” comes from “anima” (soul). Can a machine be animate? No. This is a criteria as well, everything is very certain. Do all the dogs go to heaven? This is too difficult and indistinct.

A logical direction for the progress of a human being and humanity is towards “less of the machine more of human”. Because otherwise it is either an animal-machine or mechanically functional ant-man – and all this has less of the humane. And therefore, this is what the human progress is – a direction away from a machine. In this case it is not so important where, but as far as possible from it.

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