Civilization. Machines. Specialists. Part Three – Program

A machine is a system for resolving a technical task. A system is a complex of interacting elements.

When a machine is created, it has certain embedded tasks. Machine is a multitude, complex of inertial elements, emerging and stretching from those sometimes long forgotten tasks. This is a continuation of something, moreover, a predefined continuation, a programmed one, it is possible to say. A machine develops out of something and with a certain goal, and this development is not independent.

A usual image of a machine is a power tool. Another popular image is a car or something car-like. A locomotive also looks like one. It is possible to find more various machines in the surrounding realities than there appear to be. For example, an agricultural field is also a machine, and a human being is its operator. You put seeds into this machine, where they are multiplied: a multiplier machine, replicator machine. And animals are also machines. It is possible to turn a person into machine as well. Or a group of people.

A program is an instruction for a machine. Some natural machines get their programs from nature. For example, instincts are also programs. A cycle of a field is also a program, field follows its natural instruction – multiplies the crops; but this instruction is to be strictly followed. It turns out that a field, as well as a human operator working on it, are governed by a program. Then the field, in its essence, turns out to be a machine-system consisting of its components – land and human being.

A machine follows its program. Usually, a human being does that too – because he/she consists of numerous details working as machines, it is possible to say that human is 99% a machine, but human being is able to act beyond a program.

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