Civilization. Machines. Specialists. Part Three – Program

The main difference between human and machine is that machine can only follow a program. Even its malfunction is envisaged by a program. A human being can act out of his/her will. If human acts out of his/her will than he/she acts as a human being. If he/she acts according to a program then he/she is a machine. People often say: “Oh, I did this automatically, I didn’t mean to do that.” A program can have a form of an order or objective necessity. Human follows a program by default; and a will is necessary to overcome it.

The main thing is that human being can choose not to follow a program. He/she can make a subjective choice within his/her free will. And this will not be a breakdown. This is the main difference between a human and machine. Consciousness, thinking, reflection, compassion – all these terms may get blurred. But if we look at the main distinction – following a program – the difference is described in a clearest way.

Last, but not the least: a machine does not express itself through its actions. A machine cannot express itself at all, self-expression is too human. Though expression can be narrowed down to development, to the continuous work of human instincts, to sublimation.

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