Civilization. Machines. Specialists. Part Three – Program

Going back to the main distinctive features of a human being – a free will or compassion, they are not always present in people, and are usually turned off. And if these options are turned off – there is no difference in functioning between a human being and machine. Human turns out to be in a machine mode. And in a program fulfillment mode, be it inborn or, what is more frequent, cultural, instilled in him/her from the outside. So a person can be a human in form, but a machine in content.

A machine is governed by a program. Machine ensures that the program runs according to the controlling machine’s own program. At the same time, it is possible to say that the program is a machine. There can be many such machine-program-machine loops. And among this multitude, together with a multitude of other interacting machines, sometimes it is very easy to lose the initial purpose of the machine complex.

Machine has three states of being: operation, down-time, and breakdown. Changes between these states can be erroneously considered as somebody’s will.

Programs are software. Accordingly, the inborn biological parameters of people are hardware. The same way as it is with computers, programs may be installed by default, or in such a way that only experts are able to rewrite or delete them, so for other cases they run by default as well.

Programs may look like traditions, laws, moral systems, institutions, customs, and instincts. Almost any cultural code may become a program code.

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