Civilization. Machines. Specialists. Part Two – Machines

Machine is a special means for something. Usually for doing some work instead of humans.

Traditionally, machines are regarded as having no consciousness. Neither are they able of general human thinking. They have no ability of conscious reflection, i.e. to turn to their own consciousness. In addition, and due to the absence of reflection, machines have no compassion.

A machine is mechanistic – this looks like a tautologism, but a human being can also turn out to be mechanistic and incapable of compassion. And, generally speaking, major part of a human is a machine. And for the greater part of their lifespan, human beings are machines.

Mechanicalism is a thoughtless functioning. Mechanicalism is a feature of a machine. And of the mechanical part of a human – for example, when walking, a human being does not think how he/she should bend and move the legs. A machine is characterized through the mechanicalism of its work as well.

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