Programming People – Civilization. Machines. Specialists. Part Eight.

Human beings can be programmed for most of their parameters, almost completely. Any human being. But certain people, in particular, the so-called mass people, can be programmed to the full. And they are not able to rewrite their programs. A program glitch can happen to one of them and make him/her go nuts. But this will be a glitch beyond their control. Then a question comes up – to what extent are they humans if they can be fully programmed?

Every human being has an area that can be programmed and an area of free will. All people can be programmed because they contain a mechanical part. It looks like we are speaking only about degrees of controlled behavior; but quantity can transform into quality. There are people that can be fully programmed; and it is difficult to say whether they have only mechanical part, or their human part is programmable. (Then it is not fully human?) It turns out that there is a programmable two-legged being without freedom of will, and it has no concept of freedom of choice.

It is assumed that a human being has to have freedom of will in order to use it to manifest its humanity.

There are very small possibilities to program a healthy well-rounded human being. Because he/she is initially programmed for life and because he/she is able of thinking. He/she can be given a program code, but the spaces in the head are already occupied with his/her own code. And there is sound reasoning that works as an antivirus. And a mass person has lost his/her initial life program (instincts as directions), and new programs occupy this free space with the size of consciousness where one feels emptiness.

Usually such a person is not able to reflect. And in general he/she is close to clinical idiocy concerning the issues of understanding the world.

If a person is not able to understand causes and consequences, they fall outside his/her area of freedom of choice, he/she is not able to make choices taking them into account. Morals, good and evil, big and small, and real-unreal fall out… almost everything falls out and nothing remains. Then the internal programs take action, and external ones are being installed from outside.

Advertising is programming, be it for commodities or politics. If a person has positive response to any advertising, it is difficult to speak about free will. And then a question comes up to what extent is he/she a human being and not a machine; if a person lacks empathy then he/she is a 100% machine. A human being can be one by means of empathy only, yes, because it is the basis of humanness; but without a free will that comes from the freedom of choice, which is still to be seen – such a human being would have only an ethical aspect, but not a political or social one. A human being is almost absent, there are only vague hints.

A being that is governed by someone’s advertising budget can hardly be called a human with a free will. The first, natural and adequate choice of the freedom of will is to shove off the propaganda advertising, because in its essence it is an attempt of manipulating and governing. And if it is impossible to shove it off, then there is no freedom, no will, and only a machine remains. But what can hinder expression of the freedom of will? The destroyed universal intellect, i.e. lack of certain details responsible for its expression. The precise boundary of destruction can be determined only approximately because it is beyond the mechanistic area.

… An ordinary guy does not care about anything. And there are manipulators who carry out political spin programs, political spin road-map of applying pressure on certain painful points, all of them presenting themselves as “society”. In fact there is no society, people live paycheck to paycheck, involved in their everyday routines, but in a conversation they can repeat, reproduce what they have heard on TV. The brainwash is underway, and thus, what we call a society is the ability of masses to repeat what they hear on TV. That is it. (c) Geydar Dzhemal

It is possible to add that this is not brainwashing but coding. And people can reproduce what they have heard on TV only in response to a query. Because what they hear does not exist in their conscience – in a sense that they do not think about it, do not meditate on it. What they hear is stored on a special shelf in the brain, and is reproduced through the mouth when they get a stimulating signal. Or right through the throat – than this is the duckspeak. Together with emotions, which are attached as labels to the things on the shelf. A purely automatic mechanical process.

A two-legged being very often seems to be a human, because it emotionally, psychologically expresses its position. But when we start examining his/her position, it turns out that all this emotionality and psychological activity have been preloaded as a program. He/she is a tape recorder with the tape going in circles. And all the “psycho”, and “anima” have been recorded as well. A programmed human being does not think about words – they just jump out of him/her by themselves, according to a program, they jump out just the way they have been recorded.

In theory, a machine is a governed system, and the governing system is a human being. But the governing system has to be more complex than the governed one – a rule of cybernetics. Human being has to be more complex than machine, yes. But it has turned out that a human being is not a constant value, that human being has its rises and falls. And during the moments of falls, a machine turns out to be more complex than human being, and a machine becomes the governing system. And then it starts programming people.

Most of the machines are abstract, cultural, and sit inside the brain.

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