To Society. Civilization. Machines. Specialists. Part Nine

Society is the immediate life environment of humans. This is a system consisting of people with human being in the center. Beyond the context of this environment, most of the humanistic is generally lost. Society is an environment and a structure, and naturally limits the freedom. But due to the fact that freedoms require backbone structures, most of freedoms are unattainable without society.

The point of attraction of a human being, its attractor is personal fulfillment. A human being may not even want any personal fulfillment, but anyway it turns out somehow that he/she is pursuing it. This way or another, this is fulfillment of programs naturally instilled in humans, including not only purely biological fulfillment, but also cultural one, which occurs out of sublimation of this biological aspect to higher levels of activities. Society is the environment of self-fulfillment.

A human being lives in an environment and is defined through this environment. This environment is a world of struggle between top predators using groups. The first level is the struggle inside one’s own group for domination, the second level is the struggle of the group for resources in the world of struggling groups. Because the objectives are difficult to attain, a human being possesses the necessary physical parameters and intellect for their resolution, and this is a universal intellect for resolving any tasks.

Freedom does not mean running away from society, because man is a social being. A human being is measured through social interaction, and there is no human being outside society. Freedom is to live in society with one’s freedom. And this freedom will be unconditionally limited by the structures of the society. But it has to exist, because structures without freedoms do not support life as it is. And as for limitations – compromises are sought. This is division of freedoms in time and space, and creation of sub-societies in larger societies.

Society is a field of endless battle of structures and freedoms. Victory of any party means its death.

Society has a multitude of dimensions. A human being can try to succeed, gain self-fulfillment in various domains. Society is multidimensional, and this multitude of dimensions ensures success of various types of people who are necessary for the society. And thus, by means of multidimensional support of success, the society encourages its complexity. And the complexity is necessary to support the external competitive capabilities.

A human being has two planes: an individual and social person. The mechanical part is present in the individual plane. In the social plane, the mechanical part is present as well – as a social animal. And this mechanical part is constantly growing, depriving society of freedom. And of flexibility in the world, and then, of competitive capability. The conflict between the mechanical and human exists within people and societies. A human being and society, in fact, are objects replicating each other, they are each other’s fractals. Almost all evil things that can happen to a human being – illness, old age, death – can happen to society as well.

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