Universal Intelligence

Universality means the widest possible coverage of all parameters. And in turn, the widest possible coverage of parameters means that the qualities are, in general, evenly distributed among these parameters with no possibility of special conspicuous features.

Generally and initially, human is a universal being that is compared to a specialized one. But not just specialized one – essentially, there is nothing bad in specialization, but there exists a human being limited with specialization and therefore limited in his/her humaneness. The idea that specialization means harm has always been present and is true in 99% of cases.

It is possible to single out certain meaningful groups of parameters:

  • Universal health
  • Universal physical qualities
  • Universal work of instincts
  • Universal alpha qualities
  • Universal intelligence (UI)

Similar beings understand each other. Sharing the same language is not enough – it is also necessary to have the same view of the world. Same parameters create a degree of similarity where understanding between people is possible. And out of this understanding comes the possibility of building a society – on the basis of this common foundation.

On the basis of these universal parameters there emerges a universal understanding, which becomes common and then leads to emergence and maintenance of a society.

All these qualities constitute public structures which serve as foundation for developing freedoms. As every society has its own peculiarities for these groups of parameters, national and religious ones, the freedoms differ among different groups. But for healthy groups differences are very insignificant, because they have same things in their basis. Healthy societies understand each other very well, just like people. Misunderstandings emerge in course of interaction of healthy and unhealthy societies.

Every human being possesses certain details that are universal for all people, as well as individual ones, different from others. The more universal details there are – the easier it is for a man to interact with others, with society. And vice versa.

Universal intelligence is a part of a universal human being whose perception of reality comes from his/her universality. As human universality is generally the same, human perception is also generally the same. And only then they understand each other and are able to organize themselves.

It is possible to imagine that the intellect has 100 parameters. Just as an example, though it is possible to single out any number. A universal intelligence possesses all the 100 parameters. At the same time, any parameter can exceed an average norm or be lesser. But because that parameter is in place, it exists, and each of the 100 parameters exists, so the intellect is deemed to be universal. Intellect is becoming specialized when certain parameters are used to develop others. And the building-blocks-parameters simply disappear. In this case an intellect is no longer universal. And when it is not universal, perception of the world it is processing is changed, and because of this change there appear individual understanding and common misunderstanding. Situation and calculations are the same for human parameters in general. Bit in a slightly different way: intellect can stay intact, UI can remain in place, but if there exist serious recombinations or certain details are absent in a body, perception of the world is changed anyway through conscious understanding of the fact of absence. Again, there emerges misunderstanding. And one more point exacerbating misunderstanding – people do not understand that a certain element is absent, which element is absent; and they do not know what exactly they do not understand, how and why.

Human generic structure is organized in a way that a human being needs various types of intellects – a logical one to notice patterns and develop abstractions, and a social one to understand relations in a group, and reflection, and other variants that are difficult to detect (i.e. an intellect at the level of abstraction – ability to go from many separate facts to a general conclusion). By and large, the logical and social intellects are in themselves a purely practical generalization of a multitude of different intellects-functions. In case all variants of intellect are in place, all the variants work together creating the effect of synergy (multiplication of efficiency), and together compensating for a possible absence of any type of intellect.

Human being has a number of various intellects that can be called a universal intelligence if taken together. This system has been supported at the level of biology since pre-human times. To be an alpha male one needs all types of intelligence – a universal intelligence all in all. One cannot become an alpha male without it. This is a principle of chicken and egg.

A universal intelligence is an intelligence of a sum total. It is a set of a multitude of parts, which in combination give a lot of various intellectual capabilities. For example, an ability of critical thinking. Or another ability – to notice what is apparent. There is even a special linguistic group: to look – to perceive – to see. One can look without perceiving. One can perceive without seeing. To see means to understand what is happening beyond looking, to understand the essence of what is seen and to add things that are not visible. And this ability is also determined by the presence of universal intelligence. This can also include understanding of general consistent patterns, like “oranges don’t grow on poplars”.

The universal intelligence (UI) contains critical thinking. If any meaningful element of this intellect is withdrawn, critical thinking disappears. If another element is withdrawn – another type of thinking disappears, for example, abstract thinking. And it is responsible for expression of compassion (empathy).

The universal intelligence is tied to all other human elements. If, for instance, instincts do not work or work in a wrong way, the universal intelligence will be receiving wrong data at the entrance. UI will be trying to process it as if the instincts were working in good order. And, logically, will produce a wrong decision.

In case of genetic recombination, elements of the universal intelligence can be rewired, which will lead to improvement of intellectual abilities in one domain and their deterioration in other domains. Such a rewired intelligence can be called a special one – because it exceeds the universal intelligence in one of the domains. But it starts to lag behind in others, and usually, rather far behind.

The conflict of the universal intelligence and special types of intelligence is a conflict of quality and variability. The braincase is limited, so it comes down to choosing, or to be more specific, accepting without choice either quality or variability; either universal intellect or social one. Such a situation is very popular in the nature: for example, with eyesight of various species of animals: there are species with good colour sight (humans), with good eyesight in the darkness (cats), and with sight at far distances (eagle); but there are no species that have at least two of those types of eyesight well developed. The brain is limited in the same way as eyes or other parts of the body. And if some animal has an organ that is excessively developed making the animal competitive, this means that many other organs turn out to be on the decline.

Universal intelligence is also an instrument of realization of the freedom of will. If this instrument works in a wrong way, the will loses its freedom, because the intelligence provides the conscience with a wrong picture of the world. False data gives no possibility of making a free choice – because a choice based on false data is limited and not free.

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